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Project Zomboid’s new roadmap will

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Dodano: 22-06-2022 (05:42:02)

The Indie Stone has shared that it is “now in a more solid position” to discuss how non-player characters (NPCs) will function in Project Zomboid, with an early iteration planned for Build 43. As for what's actually coming in those NPC updates, The Indie Stone hasn't decided yet. "It could include autonomous NPCs that the player can group with, it could primarily include the reintroduction of the story mode, it could have NPC animals, or that could come later," the team says. You can buy [url=]Project Zomboid 4-Pack[/url] from source of our products is always legit and sell to customers at a low price. Meanwhile, we also promise fast delivery and security guaranteed. If you have any problems, please contact our support team 24/7/365 after years of hard work, approved by most people.
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