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China kymera hybrid bit

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Dodano: 27-02-2019 (07:20:58)

Hybrid drill bit combing fixed-cutter and roller-cone. It is a new design, new technology, wide range of bit. Hybrid bit combine the advantage of tricone rock bit and PDC bit, it has be tested for many times. and it is proved that hybrid drill bit has a good performance in hard rocks. Quick details Material: Imported PDC cutters and superior steel Process: Sintering and forging, maching Certification: API and ISO9001 Rock formations: Hard rock formations Application: Water well drilling and oil exploration Packaging: Wooden box packaging, 1 piece is in 1 box Shipping: Samples will be shipped by exprss, batch products will be shipped by sea or by air Delivery: 1-5 days for sample, 1-15 days for batch products. Packaging and shippingChina kymera hybrid bit website:
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